Pictures were taken February 15, 2003

Front of our House

Picture taken from the Melody Lane.

Front of House

Picture Taken from Driveway.


Picture taken from front of our driveway.


Picture taken from Melody Lane.


Picture looking up Melody Lane.

Bushes in the back yard.

Picture of the Azaelia and Rhododendron.

Big Rhody on back deck

Picture of our large Rhododendron outside of the dining room.

Deck Steps

Picture taken from back deck. Steps lead down to back yard.

Sammy in the back yard

Sammy again

Sammy by the front of the garage.

Bushes behind the garage

Picture of the Holly bushes.

Steps to the side yard

Picture taken from driveway in front of garage.

Poor little maple tree.

This is a picture of a little maple tree that grew out of one of our planters. It just has this little topknot of leaves.

Bird Feeder

Picture of the bird feeder in the back yard

Bird Feeder in the Plum tree

Picture of birds feeding at their favorite feeder.

Bird Feeder

Picture of another satisfied customer.

Another Bird Feeder.

Picture of feed in the Dogwood tree.

Bird Feeder Front

Picture of the bird feeder in the front yard.

Icicles in front of house.

A look through the front window

Looking up toward the neighbors.

Bird house in back yard.

Blue Jay in the back yard.

Another picture of a Blue Jay in the back yard.

Blue Jay in the feeder.

Feeder in the back yard.

More customers

Purple finches in the feeder.

A gathering on the ground.

A shot of the feeder again -- those birds are busy!

A popular birdie haunt.

A shot looking toward the steps to the back yard.

More birds.

More birds again -- Think maybe we over did the birds?

Jays in for a feast.