These are picture from the flood of 2005

They were taken at Dillon Dam near where I live.

The lake from the bridge below our home.

Taken from SR 146 heading East toward the dam. Note that the lake had not reached its peak. It would rise another 10-12 feet before it was all over. At its highest, the lake came within about a foot from the bottom of this bridge.

This shot is looking more toward the marina.

Another picture taken from our car as we headed to the dam.

Note that the marina was completely under water at this time.

Another shot of the lake

Note the trees.

Another picture further down the road.

Taken on our way to the dam just before the exit to the boat ramp. This ramp was also completely under water at this time.

A shot as we approached the dam.

This is the eastern edge of the lake.

A picture of the trees in the water at the dam.

The dam control tower from the parking lot.

This is a shot of the control tower at the dam. We were parked on the north side of the dam.

A picture of the emergency spillway.

This spillway was never breached but came within about 10 feet of doing so.

A closer shot of the control tower

A view from the edge of the emergency spillway

Note that the lake had not reached its maximum height of 87.5 ft. Normally the lake is kept at about 74 ft. at this time of year.

A shot of the lake looking north

The control tower from the dam.

A Shot of the depth gauge at 77.9 ft.

The water level would eventually crest at 87.5 ft.

A picture of some of the debris near the tower.

A shot of the other side of the control tower walkway

Some on-lookers at the dam.

The place needs some fixing up.

This damage was not caused by the flood.

These stairs lead to nowhere.

Actually they would normally lead down to the base of the tower.

Some workers at the dam tower.

A picture of the dam sloose as they let the water out.

Note that even though the gates were open the lake continued to rise.

Another picture of the sloose.

A telephoto close-up of the sloose.

They would not let anyone go down there this day.

A dam worker checking the sloose.

Another shot of the worker at the sloose.

Looking down the Licking river.

Raging water.

You should have heard the noise the water made.

Another shot of the sloose at Dillon.

This as they started to let some water out

A look at the lake from the dam.

Taken looking Northwest from the dam opposite the spillway.

The Dillion observation point.

Taken from the dam via telephoto. This is the visitor's observation platform

The Licking river

This is looking down river toward Zanesville.

Another shot looking down river

Looking South East, the parking area is for fisherman.

Close-up of the Sloose

This was taken while they were letting water out to try to control the flooding above the dam. A tricky situation since flooding down river as at record highs. The Licking flows into the Muskingum river which then flows south to the Ohio river.

Another angle on the sloose.

The sloose from a little further back.

An unflooded area near Dillon dam

A picture of the Muskingum River from the Memorial bridge

One can not tell much from this shot but the river was extremely high.

The road leading down to the park.

This is not the highest it got but as you can see the park/beach area is complete submerged.

This field has a horse and mountain bike trail near the park area.

There is a about 3 to 4 feet of water standing here and it was still rising.

Another shot of the field near Dillon park.

A shot of the light pole at the park.

A picture looking East toward the dam from the park area.